Now a new class has abutting the rental-rich trend: affluence watches.

Looking affluent has never been cheaper. Even if you can't allow the accepted abode and yacht—or Ferraris or Hermes accoutrements for that matter—there are now endless businesses that will hire them to you for a atom of the acquirement price. Now a new class has abutting the rental-rich trend: affluence replica watches uk . A start-up aggregation alleged Eleven James has launched a alarm timeshare that allows barter to get a new affluence watch every brace of months for an anniversary fee. The watches ambit in amount from $7,000 to $50,000 or more, and cover top names like Rolex, Audemars, Cartier and Patek Philippe. Randy Brandoff, Eleven James' architect and a above controlling at fractional-jet behemothic NetJets, said that today's affluent wish to be smarter about their spending. They adopt to hire rather than own if possible. "The all-inclusive majority of our ambition consumers accept busy a car rather than affairs it, busy a vacation home or enjoyed added admired backing afterwards purchasing them," he said. Watches, Brandoff said "are the next vanguard" in the affluence rental/timeshare world. Read MoreWill there be a trillionaire in the 21st century? Eleven James has several altered chump plans, depending on the amount and amount of watches a chump wants every year. Its "Aficionado" plan offers watches admired at amid $7,000 and $15,000, and audience pay $2,700 for three two-month continued watch rotations per year, or $4,850 for six two-month continued rotations per year. In added words, barter can either accept to accept a altered watch all of the time or some of the time. The added affairs plan in agnate fashion, but action associates the adventitious to accept admission to added admired timepieces. The "Connoisseur" plan includes watches priced amid $15,000 and $30,000, and costs $4,950 for three watch rotations a year or $8,950 for six watch rotations a year. The "Virtuoso" plan includes watches in the $30,000 to $50,000 range, and costs $9,700 for three watch rotations or $17,250 for six rotations per year. Paying $9,700 to abrasion watches you accept to accord aback sounds insane, of course. But Brandoff said that abounding of his barter wish to try out altered watches afore they bore even added money into a purchase. Added customers, he said, accept already spent fortunes on their watch collections and don't wish to buy more—but they like the array of cutting added watches. Read MoreMeet the 'hand-to-mouth' wealthy "Most watch lovers chase the aforementioned pattern," he said. "The aboriginal six months afterwards they buy a breitling replica , they adulation it. The additional six months, they don't adulation it as much. And by the third six months, it gets put on the accumulation and replaced by one or abundant others." He said that "at any akin of wealth, if you accept six- or seven-figures account of a assertive asset that about depreciates, it's traveling to accord you abeyance to buy more." To add to Eleven James' allure, Brandoff has aswell congenital a alternation of contest and parties for clients. The aggregation holds approved parties, for instance, so barter can appear and barter their watches. Barter who just wish to do their exchanges by mail can use FedEx. He said the company's ambition is to accept 1,000 associates aural the next year and "we're able-bodied on our way." Read MoreMy added Lamborghini is a yacht Asked if his audience aswell cover wannabes and pretenders who just wish to attending like they're rich, Brandoff he said, "I would say all of our associates can allow the rolex replica and already own them, but they wish the array at a atom of the price." Of course, the watch companies may not be blessed about Eleven James, aback it turns accessible buyers into renters. None accept commented so far about the company. But Brandoff said that already the aggregation has 1,000 clients—and abundant abstracts on their watch preferences—it could become adorable ally for the watch companies. For now, Eleven James buys the watches itself. "But we get appealing acceptable terms, because of our volume," Brandoff said. —By CNBC's Robert Frank.