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Cistech, Inc. Home PageWhen Cistech,Inc. a Charlotte, NC based vendor of ERP software wanted to upgrade and enhance its sprawling, out of date website they asked us to develop a long-term web strategy and build Phase I of their site. We began with a four hour strategy session involving key executives designed to elicit critical business goals, functional requirements and design preferences.

From this session we were able to develop an information architecture focused on simplified navigation, large amounts of content and the need to anticipate future growth. This architecture, along with a sleek, updated visual design transformed the site from a series of disjointed, ad-hoc and visually inconsistent sections into a business-focused, easy-to-navigate and unified whole.

The site was developed using standards compliant ASP.Net 2.0. Master page templates were employed to simplify page additions and ongoing maintenance. User profiling features were developed to secure sensitive areas and collect visitor information while frequently changing information like upcoming seminars was stored in easy-to-update XML files. The net result was a fresh, easy-to-use site aligned with corporate strategy, poised for growth and built on a solid technological foundation.


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