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identity design

Identity Design

By selecting a professional to design your company’s identity, you recognize its power to express your firm’s singularity and its ability to unify your messaging. We believe that a well designed identity springs from a clear understanding of your business, its mission and its core values.

We work closely with our clients to provide not only exceptional design, but to articulate the business-focused rationale behind each project. To do this, we employ a set of market-tested maxims that guarantees every logo, business card and letterhead set we design serves as an indispensable cornerstone in your company’s marketing program.
Our Identity Design services include:

web design

Web Design

Whether you are seeking a simple brochure site or a dynamic, feature-rich site, MT Farmer design | strategy has the skills to bring your business and its customers to the web.

We begin our projects with an intensive strategy seminar designed to quickly elicit your requirements and ensure your site is properly aligned with your business priorities. We follow this up with the production of comprehensive design specifications and then draw upon our interactive experience to create stunning designs and technically rich sites.

Our proven project management methodology helps minimize confusion, manage expectations and is designed to keep even the most complex projects on time and on budget.
Our Web Design services include:

presentation design

Presentation Design

Presenting an idea persuasively is the core objective of any successful presentation—a challenge compounded by the need to make the story concise, visually enticing, and narratively rich.

Whether intended as speaker support or as a stand alone document, our presentations are based on a solid understanding of the story being told, its intended audience and the presentation environment. When necessary, we augment our designs with animation and audio as well as provide charts, graphs and diagrams that are engaging and easy to read. Our Presentation Design Services include:

publication design

Brochures, advertisements, catalogs, invoices and applications—these are all complex, mission critical documents vital to any business. Ensuring that they professionally reflect your company and its identity is paramount for any business serious about the way it is perceived.

We have deep experience helping businesses unify their communications and speak to customers through printed materials. Whether it's through a four page brochure, a hundred page long manual or a multi-page interactive form, we deliver quality design and business-focused thinking adapted to the unique requirements of the printed page.
Our Publication Design Services include:

ebusiness & marketing strategy

Ebusiness Strategy

Understanding how your website, identity and other design initiatives are related to your bottom line a critical but often overlooked facet in a company's design strategy. We have extensive experience helping companies align their business and design objectives—helping them explore ways that design can be an integral component of their overall strategy and not just an afterthought or "pretty pictures."

Through our consulting services, we help you set priorities, optimize your marketing budget and gain deeper insight into your clients and their needs. We can help you organize marketing campaigns both online and off as well as provide the skills needed to execute them efficiently and measure their impact intelligently.
Our Ebusiness and Marketing Strategy Services include:


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